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Suite 1886 is located in Kansas City, Kansas within the walls of the historical site, Wyandotte High School. We have been open for two years, with our inaugural, Open House on December 13, 2018. 

We have strong traditions, as bulldogs. The co-working space is named for this same tradition, our school was built in 1886. Wyandotte High School was placed in the National Register of Historic Places on April 30, 1986.

Pretty Cool, Huh!?  Suite 1886 is the first co-working space in a high school in Kansas and Wyandotte County. We operate like a traditional co-working space, however; we are led by students, for students and staff of Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools.

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Vision text

Our vision is to build a sense of community, drive creativity, and embrace collaboration.

Mission text

Our mission is to provide a comfortable, relaxing space where collaborators and innovators can mingle and generate ideas while changing the world. 

Student Perspectives text

I feel more professional and look forward to working at Suite 1886 with classmates.

This space has opened my eyes to newer ways to learn.

I have enjoyed the group activities much more along with the guest speakers.

Suite 1886 has allowed us to expand our abilities and interests to help us be more independent, plan to further our education into careers-it all started here!

I enjoyed working in teams with my peers.

I think it’s a great idea to learn important topics with fun activities. These activities made us more focus and increased learning.


Students from Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

Here are the facts text

Students participate 48% more in discussions in a classroom with collaborative group
seating versus traditional lecture-style seating, and also improved their performance
on standardized tests. – University of Minnesota.

Classrooms designed to support participative learning increased student engagement compared to traditional row-by-column seating. – SteelCase Education

68% of people who use shared spaces for work or study were better able to
 which meant they learned more working in a shared space. – eLearning Industry

Co-working space statistics indicate the traditional office setting is becoming obsolete and that shared space will be the office of the future.

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Open Desk

Students are offered a workspace during lunch and before and after school. They get to pick their favorite spot and network with each other. Students are offered a chance to learn things they possibly didn’t know about, from presentations hosted in the space or events coordinated for staff. Food and beverage services are available.

Event Space

We offer the staff at Wyandotte High School a comfortable environment to have meetings and expand their classroom setting into a 21st century workplace.

Event Planning

We host events and support local nonprofit organizations.

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Rollin in the Dotte – Bike Club
The Bike Club cannot operate due to COVID-19. However, we want to offer support through our partnership with the Central Avenue Betterment Association and Free Wheels for Kids.


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