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Wyandotte High School | 2501 Minnesota Avenue | Kansas City, KS 66102 | (913) 627- 7650
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Mission: To educate, empower, and encourage all learners, that they may create a better tomorrow for themselves and our community.


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Name Position Small Learning Community
Anders, Charles Head Custodian  
Avalos, Ricard Assessment Manager  
Boss, James Physical Education Business Academy
Brooks, Minnie Registrar  
Brown, Eddie Intervention Support Specialist  
Brown, Michelle Secretary  
Burks, Traci Coordinator/Special Education Teacher Visual Arts
Burt, Elizabeth Speech Teacher Hospitality
Calloway, Lynda Science Teacher Performing Arts
Carlson, Margaret Coordinator/Social Studies Teacher Performing Arts
Clark, Carolyn Consumer Resource Management Teacher Business
Constans, Sara Art Teacher FAST
Cooper, Brian Assistant Principal  
Crump,Linda Treasurer  
Dassel-Stuke, Donna Special Education/School Psychologist  
Davenport, Akio Secretary  
Davenport, Beverly Cafeteria Manager  
Delich, Craig Textbooks and Wyandotte History  
Dewberry, Karen Nurse  
Dicus, Michelle Computer Applications Teacher Health
DiObilda, Steve Social Studies/Reading Teacher FAST
Dolezal, Brian English Instructional Coach  
Dolnik, Nata Music Accompanist Performing Arts
Drew, Jason Social Studies Hospitality
Dyer, Tracy Paraprofessional  
Edwards, Kevin Graphic Design and Yearbook Teacher Visual Arts
Egans, Patricia Assistant Principal  
Enloe, Rich Campus Security  
Enquist, Virginia Special Education Teacher  
Flaherty, Tyrun Science Teacher Performing Arts
Flanagan, Carol Speech Pathologist  
Frazier, Joy Family Resource Specialist  
Furlow, Jeremiah Instrumental Music and Band Teacher Performing Arts
Futrell, Sarah English Teacher Visual Arts
Gannon, Mark Collaborator/Special Education Teacher Performing Arts
Gibbens, Denzel Industrial Technology Teacher FAST
Gladdis, Carolyn PLTW Engineering Teacher Global
Gray, Jeanne English Teacher Business
Hahs, Sarah Theatre Teacher Performance Arts
Hamil, Nancy Counselor  
Hammond, Lezlie Business Teacher Global
Hargrove, Dr. Bryon Science Teacher Health
Henderson, Janelta  
Hercules, Kelli Effective Substitute  
Hodison, Patricia Science  
Hollinshed, Kim Library Assistant  
Holst, Lori Math Teacher Business
Hornberger, Lesley Coordinator/Math Teacher Global
Hotz, Michael Science Teacher Global
Howard, Robert Science Teacher Health
Hughes, Louis Campus Officer  
Hutchko, Holly Business Teacher Hospitality
Jasper, Tiffany Coordinator/Business Teacher Business
Johnson, JoEtta English Teacher FAST
Johnson, Kim Activities Secretary  
Johnson, Terri Math Teacher FAST
Jones, Clifton Home School Coordinator/Truancy  
Jordan, Renita Business Paraprofessional  
Kelley, Ralph Coordinator/Social Studies Teacher Health
Kerns, Mary Strings Teacher Performing Arts
Kircher, Julie Social Studies Teacher Global
Krowas, Katie  
Larkin, Tom IT/Laptop Technician  
Lee, Michelle Theatre and Speech Teacher  
Lee, Wesley Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) Teacher FAST
Libal, Johanna Math Teacher Visual Arts
Lofflin, Dr. Judith English Teacher  
Lowe, Jasmine Science Teacher Visual Art
Loya, David Paraprofessional  
Madrigal, Frank Effective Teaching Subsitute  
Madrigal, Shelley Counselor  
Malekyar, Mahisma ESL Aide  
Maloney, Rosie Special Education Teacher FAST
Marchin-Tomlin, Katherine Activities Coordinator  
Mark, Lisa Math Teacher Health
Martin, Michael Special Education Teacher FAST
Martinez, Josefina Foreign Language Teacher  
McCracken, Lindsay English Teacher Health
McGinty, Mary Librarian  
McNeely, Cindy Special Education Teacher Performing Arts
Murray, Paul Social Studies Teacher Business
Nalls, Rochelle Physical Education Teacher  
Nickum, Paula English Teacher Performing Art
Normandin, Carol Special Education Teacher  
Parbs, Kathleen Math Teacher Performing Arts
Parks, Larry Math Teacher Business
Parrish, Michael Computer Teacher FAST
Pattison, Julie Science Teacher Business
Pence, Katie Science Teacher FAST
Postlewait, Joanne ESL Teacher  
Remy, Rocky Special Education Teacher Business
Renee, Vanessa Special Education Teacher Performing Arts
Rhein, Sheri ESL Teacher Health
Rios, Maria Attendance Secretary  
Ripley, Kathy English Teacher  
Rippee, Mathew Special Education Teacher Hospitality
Robson, Romona Coordinator/Special Education Hospitality
Rodriguez, Alberto Translator/Interpreter  
Simons, Leslie College Center  
Smith, Daryl Night Supervisor  
Spears-Hall, Gale Paraprofessional FAST
Stegall, Kathy Science Teacher Hospitality
Stewart, Mary Principal  
Stocstill, Jan Principal's Secretary  
Thompson, Patrick Culinary Arts Teacher Hospitality
Thompson, Yolanda Assistant Principal  
Troyer, Rebecca Art Teacher Visual Arts
Trueblood, Shane Social Studies Teacher Visual Arts
Ulmet, Peggy English Teacher Hospitality
Vacanti, Al Foreign Language  
Vering, Cathy Business Teacher Business
Vest, Marilyn English Teacher Health
Villa, Brenda Secretary  
Walker, Sharon Math Instructional Coach  
Wash, Sherri Campus Security  
Watts, Andrea Vocal Music Teacher Performing Arts
Webber, Bill Special Education Teacher  
Wells, William Engineering Teacher Global
Wiggins, Melissa Special Education Teacher Health
Willard, Ken English Teacher Global
Williams, Darnell Paraprofessional  
Young, David Spanish Teacher  
Zak, Richard Math Teacher Hospitality