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Wyandotte High School | 2501 Minnesota Avenue | Kansas City, KS 66102 | (913) 627- 7650
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Mission: To educate, empower, and encourage all learners, that they may create a better tomorrow for themselves and our community.


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The FAST (Foundations in Applied Skills and Technology) Community preparesstudents for a well-paying, satisfying career in technology or the woods and metals technology. Students will be able to identify occupational strengths and interests and be able to apply them.


Theme Courses:
Cabinet Making
Intro to Design and Pre-Construction
Technology Applications
Architectural Design
Machine Technology

Community Principal: Mrs. Yolanda Thompson

Katie Pence (Comunity Coordinator) - Science
Steve DiObilda - Social Studies
Denzel Gibbens - Theme
Michelle Lee - Theme
Jo Etta Johnson- English
Terry Johnson - Math