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Wyandotte High School | 2501 Minnesota Avenue | Kansas City, KS 66102 | (913) 627- 7650
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Mission: To educate, empower, and encourage all learners, that they may create a better tomorrow for themselves and our community.


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District Goals for College Readiness:



  1. Know your teachers and leaders.
  2. Visit the library once a week and the College Center once a quarter.
  3. Develop and know your study habits and patterns.
  4. Become a member of one school extracurricular activity
  5. Take care of classroom assignments FIRST!


  1. Focus and concentrate on the October ACT Plan test.
  2. Create a scholarship vita to track your school accomplishments.
  3. Visit the College Center once a month.


  1. Meet with your counselor to review your courses for this year and plan your schedule for senior year.
  2. Prepare for the ACT.
  3. Visit the College Center three times a month.
  4. Identify at least three colleges you would like to apply.


  1. Visit the College Center once a week.
  2. Check on applications and financial aid deadlines for the schools you plan to apply.
  3. Register by Friday, September 17th, for the October 23rd ACT.
  4. Apply to at least three colleges by October 15th and three scholarships by November 1st.

Talk to your school counselor if you are interested in taking college courses.

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