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Mission: To educate, empower, and encourage all learners, that they may create a better tomorrow for themselves and our community.


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Wyandotte High School is a beautiful, historical building that offers to its students a myriad of educational opportunities in a rich setting.  However, one area of the High School has been left unused and undeveloped since the building was built.  That area is the East Courtyard.



It was a Wyandotte teacher, Joanne Postelwait, who first saw the potential in this neglected area.  The courtyard is a secure place for students, teachers, and staff to utilize. After speaking to several people about possible uses for the area, Ms. Postelwait submitted a plan to our principal, Mrs. Mary Stewart, and to our head custodian, Mr. Charles Anders. 


The plan, which is to build 22 mini-patios enhanced with minimal landscaping, met with the approval of both our principal and the head custodian.  Thanks to the support of Mrs. Stewart, a donor has recently offered to help in funding if the Wyandotte students design an amphitheater for the courtyard. The amphitheater will be available for theatrical and musical performances as well as social functions and educational purposes.


Much of the funding so far has come from alumni, who have been ordering patio pavers with their name and graduation date painted on them.  Ms. Postelwait along with students, who need service hours or have just volunteered their time, are painting these pavers.  Several generous students have been working everyday during the summer to paint or to help build the patios. Although we have student volunteers, the team would GREATLY appreciate any alumni engineering expertise and alumni volunteers.


The project will not be completed for at least another year because of funding, time and manpower.  Each patio costs $580; each table with four chairs costs $250. If anyone would like to order a paver with a name and date on it, CLICK HERE for an order form.  Information can also be attained from the WHS office, or by emailing Joanne Postlewait at wycourtyard@gmail.com.  Anyone who would like to help in building patios or painting pavers may also contact Ms. Postlewait through School Loop mail or at the above address.



A very special thanks goes to Mrs. Joanne Postlewait, Principal Mary Stewart, Mrs. Brenda Jackson- the PTSA President, Mr. Craig Delich- Wyandotte School Historian, the faculty, the custodians, and Mrs. Postlewait's faithful volunteer students, especially Ruth Maldonado, Nazareth Viramontes, Mohamud Abdi, Luis Aparicio, and Jorge Moreno.


WHS Courtyard