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Wyandotte High School | 2501 Minnesota Avenue | Kansas City, KS 66102 | (913) 627- 7650
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Mission: To educate, empower, and encourage all learners, that they may create a better tomorrow for themselves and our community.


Youi Insurance

The Business Community provides students the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to compete it the 21st century whether they pursue a college education or enter the workforce immediately after high school.

Students in this community have the opportunity for job shadowing, internships, business field trips to local businesses and other activities related to hands on learning about business.








Theme Courses:

  • Accounting I
  • Business Life Skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Intro to Business
  • Intro to Computer B
  • Laptop Applications
  • Marketing I
  • Marketing II
  • Office Technology
  • Web Design

Community Principal: Ms. Patricia Egans

Tiffany Jasper (Community Coordinator) - Theme
Jeanne Gray- English
Paul Murray - Social Studies
Larry Parks - Math
Julie Pattison - Science
Cathy Vering- Theme